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Blue Skies

In the United States, we think of sadness when we think of blue. However, the color blue evokes different feelings in other parts of the world and cultures. For example, in Austria, it is a happy-go-lucky color. In Chinese culture, blue represents growth and optimism. In Korea, the color of mourning is "blue," yet the word blue does not exist in the Korean language. Calmness and hope are how the Vietnamese feel about the color blue or Xanh Dương. Xanh Dương (blue, like the ocean) is used to describe blue as there is not a single word in the Vietnamese language to represent blue. We wonder how blue feels for those who are sightless or color-blind.


Immersing ourselves in other cultures, perspectives, and stories beyond our own, we can learn about each other—where we came from, our traditions, and our struggles as a community. It also forces us to criticize assumptions about our daily lives, beliefs, and practices to encourage personal growth. What does blue mean to you?


Xanh is a community art exhibition highlighting and celebrating the diversity of local artists. An Art Selection Panel selected artworks on view in this exhibit.


This exhibit is partially funded by the City of San Jose's Office of Racial Equity and is a part of the "Art in Solidarity" campaign.

Featuring Artists

  • Tovah Cheng

  • Coby Chuang

  • Steve Clark

  • Jemal Diamond

  • Cynthia Gonzalez

  • León Hernandez

  • Hang Huynh

  • Danny Kim & Soo Yeon Lyuhm

  • Andrew Kong Knight

  • Irene Berrones Kolb

  • Sabrina Kwong

  • Ánh Lê

  • Elizabeth Jiménez Montelongo

  • Andy Ngo

  • Andy Nguyen

  • Ngoc Nguyen

  • Vy Nguyen

  • Ouater Sand

  • Lani Viet

  • Fe Villanueva

  • Charlotte Zhang

We Art San Jose, a Project by San Jose’s Creative Ambassador 2022

  • Brandon Luu

  • Roan Victor

Dr. Jerry Hiura Asian Art Fellows 2022

  • Anh Le

  • Elaine Li

Comissioned Music

  • Troy Truong (Onbar)


  • Danny Kim, Director & Editor

  • Soo Yeon Lyuhm, Performer

Executive Artistic Director

  • Trami Cron

Exhibit Designer

  • Cynthia Cao

Xanh Soft Opening IG(10).png

Chopsticks Alley Art Gallery

Located at Open San Jose

38 S. 2nd Street

San Jose, CA 95113

Gallery Hours

Starting November 20, 2022

Sat and Sun from Noon - 4pm

First Fridays ArtWalk SJ from 5 - 9pm

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