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Our Stories presented by Chopsticks Alley

This podcast will focus on how Asian American Pacific Islanders identity has historically been defined and how it is being redefined today. In addition to highlighting themes and events in Asian American history, it also explores how Asian Americans are actively influencing American culture.

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Connecting Communities Through Food Stories

Join us for a free art workshop.  Participants will pick up art supplies after registration

A Boba for Your Thoughts?

A Game Show

Join us for a fun game show featuring Cartoonist Angelo Lopez.

Hanoi in the Time of Cholera

A step back in time as we learn how Hanoi, Vietnam survived Cholera during French colonial rule with author and professor Michael Vann

The Lives of Mixed-Race Children in Colonial Vietnam

A step back in time author,  professor Jack Yeager and a special performance by Poet Asela Lee Kemper

How to Build a Thriving Creative Career in Tech

Join us as Artist, Designer Emma Linh shares her work and provides real world tips on how to do what you love and get succeed as an artist.

Eastern vs. Western Art Philosophies

An in-depth discussion on the differences between Eastern and Western art philosophies with Jenny Do

Preserving Memories: A Cyanotype Workshop

Join us for a free art workshop.  Art supplies will be mailed to all participants.

A Closer Look at 2020 "Year of the Woman"

Featuring artist Hadi Aghaee and his powerful paintings and a special performance by EJ Villanueva.


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