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A first of its kind!


Chopsticks Alley’s Artists created eight easy-to-make art projects inspired by Southeast Asian countries. They include Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. A brief history and culture of each country are embedded in the lessons to inspire each art activity. You do not need expensive art supplies to create your masterpieces.


The book includes Vietnamese translation at the end of each chapter to serve the non-English speaking community and those interested in learning the language.


Whether you are eight or eighty years old, you will enjoy reading about each country’s culture and making fun art activities with your family.


Book Preview

Book Reviews

"Through the beauty of art, this book ignites vibrant and meaningful discussions about the Southeast Asian experience. The informative and creative activities are appropriate for all ages -- fun for the entire family! ARTventure reminds us that the arts build strong communities -- it connects and it heals."

Steve Arounsack, Ph.D.
Professor and Filmmaker / Visual Anthropologist / Southeast Asia Story Trust,
Raya and the Last Dragon

"What a wonderful collaboration this is, and what a gift to those who wish to explore their own cultural traditions or simply to learn more about those with whom they live. Accessible materials, clear directions and engaging projects provide the beginnings for artistic and historical inquiries that are sure to inspire respect for the civilizations that continue to thrive alongside the Mekong River."

Christine Marmé Thompson, Ph. D.

Professor Emerita of Art Education at Penn State and currently Part Time Faculty at the School of the Art Institute, Co-Editor International Journal of Education and the Arts

Boat guy full - Canva.png

"ARTventure Down the Mekong gives beautiful, practical, easy-to-follow art projects that will provide everyone with an immersive historical experience through various countries in Southeast Asia. This book is a creative and transformative way to learn about cultural heritage and traditions. This book is a crucial resource to have in every Ethnic Studies curriculum."

Le Tran,  M.Ed.  (she/her/hers)

Principal,  Ben Painter Elementary

"This book is a fantastic educational resource that will inspire a deep appreciation of art beyond the Western canon; celebrating the Eastern origins where so many essential and sacred art forms began. I would not think twice about including this book in art education programs - it is exactly what this moment calls for and will continue to demand."

Elizabeth Ogilvie

Visual Art Faculty, Ohlone College

"ARTventures Down the Mekong is an original approach and exploration of the rich cultural history of Southeast Asia. Readers can clearly see the love and care that went into the development of the book itself by each of the contributors. As an art educator, I recommend this work for elementary educators as well as artists of all ages."

Barbara Hughes, Ed.D. - San José State University, Department of Art & Art History


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