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May 3 - August 11, 2024

Flora & Fauna features two site-specific installations created during Phuc Van Dang’s residency at Chopsticks Alley Art.


Dang’s depiction of the “long-lost monster" as a manifestation of our suppressed inner nature is a powerful metaphor for the inherent connection between humanity and the natural world. Through his playful imagery, Dang encourages viewers to embrace their inner monsters to reconnect with the innocence and wonder of childhood. He empowers the viewer to rediscover a sense of awe and reverence for the natural world and embark on a transformative journey of alignment and coexistence with the environment.

Phuc Van Dang.jpeg

About Phuc Van Dang

Phuc Van Dang was born in Vietnam and came to Denmark in 1981. 


He studied graphic design and has worked in concept and product development. A master of intense black lines, Dang paints with a meditative focus to portray the human condition and nature. He draws inspiration from cave paintings and Northwestern European expressionists like CoBrA-artists, striving for simple yet impactful expressions. People and places are essential elements in his site-specific works in the public space.

IG: @phucisme

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