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Local artists to support

Bay Area artists to be on the look out for

Chopsticks Alley Art is all about supporting and uplifting Southeast Asian artists. We have complied a list of artists of all mediums in the Bay Area that you can check out and support. 



We are attempting to make a list of ALL Southeast Asian Artists in the Bay Area, so this list is on-going so be sure to check in often to see our list expand.  





Amanda Pascual 

 @thelumpypillow on Facebook 

Cynthia Cao

Instagram: @hownowbrowncao_

Kenneth Tan Ronquillo a part of Lola x Kenneth

Instagram and Facebook: @lolaxkenneth

Max DeHart 

 Instagram: @maxdehart

Trinh Mai

Instagram and Facebook : @trinhmaistudios


Ashley Hin 

Instagram: @spicesart

Eric Bui

Jenny La 

Instagram: @iceyplum

Katarina Ngyuen-Mai




Corinne Okada Takara

Phillip Hua

Tuan Tran


 Ouater Truong Sand

Sal Tran


Tracy Nguyen


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