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AAh Convening "Light in Dark Times"

This program is produced by Chopsticks Alley Art. We are sharing it with you so you can bring it back to your community to help more Asian Americans.

If you'd like us to help you create your own session or create a session for you, send us an email at

The intent of this AAh Convening is for participants to:

Release through sharing.

Reconnect through sharing an experience, food, and stories with the community.

Reclaim their identities, power, and self through storytelling.

The convening will have the following components:

The convening starts with participants contributing to a Community Table where they used had participants write on gold stars with the following prompt:

  1. Pause.

  2. Write a word or phrase that you want to guide you for the rest of this year.

  3. Leave your star at the table and let this be a light to inspire others.

  4. At the end of the evening, come back, find your word and let it guide you from here on out.

The group gathers for a short group meditation to reconnect with themselves, their bodies, and their ancestors. Give participants the option to sit or lie on the floor on mats or sit in comfortable chairs.

Invite a Mental Health expert to discuss the importance of health and well-being to help strengthen communities.

The group is introduced to a vegetarian meal and tea/drinks.

Group Activity - Ornaments Making:

For this event, we made Holiday Ornaments to decorate our Community Tree. We will later donate these ornaments with meaningful messages to an Asian health organization so they may give them to their clients.

The words of encouragement or wisdom received from the meditation will be used in creating ornaments. The spirit of the activity is that what we wish for, we can speed up the process by giving it to another person. So the act of putting love and energy into the ornament with the theme is also allowing ourselves space into creating that for ourselves.

Prompts: In the meditation, we were able to reflect on the light in this past year. At the end of the meditation, we asked you to connect with something you want in your life and to not forget about it. We’re going to take those words of wisdom and/or encouragement and we’re going to make them into an ornament. The ornament will be for our community tree. (COMMUNITREE). BA DUM TSCH!


  1. By putting it out there what we want, we will receive opportunities to change our life to have this.

  2. What we put out there, we will need to make room for it as well. So this is an opportunity to create more space for what you want.

Life Coaching - Let’s say you’re stuck, you can reach out to me and we can create space together so you can gift this for yourself and for others.


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