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AAh Convening "What's In a Name?"

Updated: May 6, 2022

This program is produced by Chopsticks Alley Art. We are sharing it with you so you can bring it back to your community to help more Asian Artists.

If you'd like us to help you create your own session or create a session for you, send us an email at

Our names are a critical part of our identity given to us by our parents, grandparents, or family. They carry meaning and deep cultural, familial, and historical connections and understanding. Our name identifies the communities in which we belong.

Asians living in America often take on European-sounding names to avoid mispronunciations, misuse, or misgendering of our names. Though we accept these things will happen, it affects us deeply. When this happens, it impacts our sense of belonging. Our names could also cause difficult and awkward situations where we have to correct or shrug off the misuse or mispronunciation to avoid making others feel bad. We are taught not to make others feel bad. We do so at our expense.

Today you will reclaim your given or chosen name or identity.

Session Organizers - January 23, 2022

(From Left to Right)

Trami Cron, author and executive artistic director

Smita Garg, EdD, arts educator and holistic health

Lina Sath, artist and mental health expert

Eric Bui, visual artist

Lindsey Leong aka HELLA Famous, spoken word artist

Hang Huynh, Studio artist

What's In a Name Workshop Instructions

AAH Workshop Guide
Download PDF • 92KB

Handouts to Download

Mood Board Prompts
Download PDF • 78KB

Asian Artists Healing Collective Handout
Download PDF • 1.03MB

Mood Board Sample:

Photos from January 23, 2022 Session

(Photos of participants not shown to preserve their privacy)

Sponsor: This program is funded in part by the County of Santa Clara’s Division of Equity and Social Justice.

Community Partners: Peninsula Open Space Trust and Mekong Community Foundation


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