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AAh Convening "Movie Night"

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

This program is produced by Chopsticks Alley Art. We are sharing it with you so you can bring it back to your community to help more Asian Americans.

If you'd like us to help you create your own session or create a session for you, send us an email at

The convening will have the following components:

  • The convening starts with participants contributing to a Community Table where they used scratch art paper to draw or write the answers to one or both of the following prompts:

What wisdom do I ask for from my ancestors?

What does wholeness mean to me?

The intent of this exercise is for them to be childlike, have fun making art together, and also to spend time in gratitude.

  • The group gathers for a short group meditation to reconnect with themselves, their bodies, and their ancestors. Give participants the option to sit or lie on the floor on mats or sit in comfortable chairs.

  • The group is introduced to Asian movie snacks and tea/drinks. (Examples: Vietnamese sandwiches, Japanese and Taiwanese prepacked sweets, and Asian candy options.)

  • Show a movie that will help engage participants in sharing their stories. For our August 2022 AAh Convening Chopsticks Alley Art and our community partner CATS received permission from Director Crystal Kwok to show "Blurring the Color Line." Digging into her Grandmother's past growing up Chinese in Augusta, Georgia's Black neighborhood during Jim Crow, director Kwok complicates the black and white narrative while exposing uncomfortable truths behind today's Afro-Asian tensions. Director Kwok was able to join us via Zoom at the end of the movie to answer audience questions.

  • After the movie ends, ask probing questions for the audience to share. Here are a few examples:

How are you feeling right now? Physically, mentally?

Did you or your family experience something similar?

How did you feel?

How did you reconcile with the difficulties you faced?

What's something we can do to reconcile with the past?

What are you grateful for right now?

  • Wrap up the session by allowing time for participants to mingle and connect.

Meditating, eating, watching a movie, and sharing is not formalized. Participants will experience a sense of community through sharing common experiences and stories. By showing gratitude to our ancestors, those who endured so much to pave the way for us, we are grounding ourselves. Being emotionally whole is to surround ourselves with trustworthy connections and be a trustworthy connection for others. To that end, gratitude is the path to wholeness.

Session Organizers - August 2022

(From Left to Right)

Trami Cron, author and executive artistic director

Lina Sath, artist and mental health expert

Anthony Le, leadership consultant, coach

Lindsey Leong aka HELLA Famous, spoken word artist

Hang Huynh, studio artist Martin Mijares, photographer

Coby Chuang, artist, class attendant, graphics designer

Leianne Lamb, CATS, board president

Joanne Ho, CATS, board member

Iszac Gaton, artist, technical assistant

Photos from AAh Convening "Movie Night" by Martin Mijares

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