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AAh Convening "We Are What We Eat"

This program is produced by Chopsticks Alley Art. We are sharing it with you so you can bring it back to your community to help more Asian Americans.

If you'd like us to help you create your own session or create a session for you, send us an email at

The convening will have four parts to engage all five senses; sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste.

  • We will begin with attendees creating an intention for the day, themselves, or recognizing their ancestors. They can write on little paper bowls, offer a plate of food or something they gathered in nature and place them on the Community Table as an offering.

  • (Incense is provided for those who wish to honor their ancestors)

  • The group gathers for a short group meditation to reconnect with nature and their bodies.

  • Food has the power to evoke memories of the past and is a conduit to emotions that are special to us, the ones we hold close to our hearts. Food reminds us of our culture, roots, identity, and fond moments with the people we love.

  • Participants will experience a communal cooking and serving activity led by an artists and mental health specialist. Attendees will learn to make a simple dish or drink such as hot Chai or Green Papaya Salad. You decide!

  • Participants will have an opportunity to remind themselves of their resilience through sharing their stories and connecting with one another and nature.

  • Art supplies will be provided so they can journal or draw their stories. They may share them with the group if they wish.

The act of cooking, sharing, and eating together is not a formalized process. You will experience a sense of joy and release through sharing food, reclaim your ancestry, and reconnect the way our ancestors did.

Session Organizers - May 1, 2022

(From Left to Right)

Trami Cron, author and executive artistic director

Smita Garg, EdD, arts educator and holistic health

Lina Sath, artist and mental health expert

Anthony Le, leadership consultant, coach

Lindsey Leong aka HELLA Famous, spoken word artist

Hang Huynh, studio artist

"We Are What We Eat" Instructions

Aah Webite Info We Are What We Eat
Download PDF • 88KB

Handouts to Download

Asian Artists Healing Collective Handout
Download PDF • 1.03MB

Community Table Sample:

Photos from May 1, 2022 Session

Sponsor: This program is funded in part by the County of Santa Clara’s Division of Equity and Social Justice.

Community Partners: Peninsula Open Space Trust and Mekong Community Foundation


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